Luminarium and Mercedes Curnow Award

Luminarium was the name given to the end of year exhibition of my FdA in Photography and Digital Imaging corse. The exhibition consisted of many genres of photography including fashion, portraiture, documentary and Contemporary Landscape. This range of photography made a excellent and an amazing way to end the best two years where I had met some of my closest friends. The series of images that I displayed was a continuation of my series Silence, by continuing this body of work throughout the year I created new atmospheric images because of the amount of day light, when compared to images taken in the winter.
At the beginning of the evening it was announced who the winner of the Mercedes Curnow Award was and who would be given a sum of money for what ever they wrote in their proposal which was looked at by Mercedes mother Sandra and the lectures of the the FdA corse. the person that they choose was 'ME', after they had looked at the written submission they looked at the series of work I had submitted. 

    Image By: Isabella Banks.

    Image: Joe wilde and Sandra Cousins


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