Film or Digital

In past projects I have used both digital and film photography, and after shooting on both I felt hat the film creates more of an organic and natural feel. their for will be using film for this body of work.

5000 years of art and skill

After the Luminarium exhibition, it came to my attention that that two of the Royal Cornwall museums curators were interested in my work and wanted to showcase it in one of their upcoming exhibitions, '5000 years of art and skill'. I would be apart of an exhibition with some of Cornwall's most well know artists. and then my images would be placed in their archive 

I soon returned to Poldice Mine with a digital camera so that I could so how the landscape photographed, and how the camera depicted the colours. I knew that their was a body of images to be made.

Summer time Cycle

The summer of 2013 is one of the sunniest and hottest I can remember. A summer thats been filled with being outside doing different activities. This summer myself and my family have taken part in a lot of cycling and exploring Cornwall from different paths and having a different outlook on Cornwall. One cycle path which was new to me was from the Great Flat Load to Portreath harbour. This path took us through Police mine, it was at this point I was hit by tuning and vivid colours .  

Luminarium and Mercedes Curnow Award

Luminarium was the name given to the end of year exhibition of my FdA in Photography and Digital Imaging corse. The exhibition consisted of many genres of photography including fashion, portraiture, documentary and Contemporary Landscape. This range of photography made a excellent and an amazing way to end the best two years where I had met some of my closest friends. The series of images that I displayed was a continuation of my series Silence, by continuing this body of work throughout the year I created new atmospheric images because of the amount of day light, when compared to images taken in the winter.
At the beginning of the evening it was announced who the winner of the Mercedes Curnow Award was and who would be given a sum of money for what ever they wrote in their proposal which was looked at by Mercedes mother Sandra and the lectures of the the FdA corse. the person that they choose was 'ME', after they had looked at the written submission they looked at the series of work I had submitted. 

    Image By: Isabella Banks.

    Image: Joe wilde and Sandra Cousins



It has been a while since I'v last logged onto my blog. The last couple of months have been a little busy. Juggling work and a new university (plymouth university) can be a little bit of a struggle at time, plus being involved in a photography exhibition at the Royal Cornwall Museum Truro. I will be posting some of the key moments over the last few months very soon, including my graduation and a new body I have been working on.

Advanced Lighting Workshop

After the success of last years lighting workshop run by former university student Philip Trengove. He came back to run a more in-depth and technical workshop. After being out of the studio for so long it was great to get back in working with models, makeup artists and fellow photographers. The model Amy Jane was extremely patient and did not mind being poked and prodded whilst being moving into different positions. Photographer Philip Trengove was always on had to help with and quires that we were having and to give advise. 

Barcelona 2013

April 2013 a small group of us visited sunny barcelona for a few days (to get away from the stressful student life). Where as the majority of my friends took 35mm film cameras, I decided only to take my GoPro Hero 3 Black edition. This would be the first time of using the camera for a genuine purpose rather that wondering my house. This short film sums up our trip, sun, fun and being general tourists.

Art 8 Exhibition Newquay, Cornwall

After my successful solo exhibition I was approached by a gallery in Newquay Cornwall 'Images Photography', they wanted to use my images in a group exhibition. Which would be apart of an art festival happening throughout April 'Art 8'.

The following images were taken by the gallery owners.

Images Photography
31 Crantock Street
01637 872374

Spreading the Word

This is one of many posters around the Heartlands site, giving some direction of where to view the exhibition.

'Silence' Timelapse

This is a short timelapse of the exhibition (before the battery was drained of all of its power). It shows people arriving and me trying to meet and great everyone.

'Silence' Private Viewing Photos

These are a selection of many photographs taken by the people at the viewing. The whole opening night was a huge success, with a great turn out from friends, family, lecturers from university and general people who had a interest in my work. As this was my first time organising my own solo exhibition, I was extremely happy to see everybody enjoying them selfs, and to see people support me and my work.  

'Silence' Private Viewing Video

Monday 11th March 2013, 1 hour before people started to arrive to the viewing, I took a short walk around video of the exhibition.

'Silence' exhibition poster


Silence is an exhibition consisting of contemporary photographs that explore Cornwall's beaches by night, it will be taking place at Heartlands, Cornwall from the 11th - 24th March 2013. Cornish photographer Joe Wilde has never been more than a few minuets away from the beach, therefore he has grown up loving and respecting all aspects of our coastline. The exhibition looks at the more tranquil and silent aspect of our beaches, that is normally lost when people flock to our shores. Taking the photographs atnight enhances your seances, most of all your hearing and smell. When all you can see is darkness, you rely on torches to navigate through giant rocks, gaining a new found respect for nature and the effects the sea can have.


After weeks of heavy rain in Cornwall, the reservoir filling its banks making marsh like bogs and muddy footpaths. This short film documents some of the effects the weather has had. Kerus meaning reservoir in the Cornish language.


West Briton Publication

On Boxing day 2012 a group of brave, daring and willing people from the Miners Arms Pub, Redruth, including Kevin Stevens (the landlord and organiser) took the plunge into the freezing water at Portreath. The charity dip took place along side the annual Portreath Boxing Day Dip, organised by SurfLifeSavingGB. The Miners Arms are still ongoing, to reach the £1000 mark for Click at Treliske hospital, which is a charity close to everyone's hearts.  This is my image of a group of people taking the plunge on boxing day at Portreath for the charity CLICK. It was published in the West Briton (3rd January 2013)

Cornwall Today Publication

Cornwall Today January issue. One of my surf images of Fistral used for a article by Viki Wilson 'why move to Newquay'

Marazion festival of sport

This video is NOT mine it has been shot by Bike chain reactions (sponsor), but it features me working their on the day taking photos of different parts of the triathlon.


My book pages laid out in the university corridor. 

Transmission is a book that looks at the way that we communicate across Cornwall to other places across the world. By photographing transmission masts and National Grid towers, we can then evaluate what effect it has on our landscape. Cornwall’s landscape was one dominated with working engine houses, now dormant they compete with wires and metal structures towering over local towns and villages. The images document the evolution of telecommunications from Marconi’s hub in Porthcurno which was Cornwall’s first transmission center, to Goonhilly Earth Station in Helston which sent information all around the world.

VW Camper by night

In this image I wanted to represent the surf culture which is so prominent in Cornwall.

Godrevy by night

'Treth' Beach

A series of clips from around the Cornish coastline. 'Treth' means Beach in the Cornish language.